How can I learn Blender ??

I often hear people saying – “Damn!, it’s too hard!” … So many buttons, many things in one place …. I’ll never learn such a program!

I’ve been part of these people who find it difficult to learn Blender because it has a layout that is not understandable at first, so I understand well these exclamations.

One day I decided to try to change the way I look at things around me and face something that, at first Ithought it was difficult. Then, I thought about a child in development.

A child grows solwly, developing muscles, bones, the perception of objects around it, developing the body, learning how to walk, how to put a foot in front of the other to balance the wheight…

Learning how to walk requires much effort and dedication; it’s hard work !! And I do not remember any children complaining when learning how to walk.

Instead, the child smiles every small step it can make! The child falls, hits the head, get bruises and remains firm in his purpose!

A new knowledge always causes discomfort. And now, as we no longer are children, we tend to give up even before we analyze the possibilities.

Logically we would be born knowing everything, but that’s not how things work. Learning works the same way we learn to walk … remember?

Slowly, slowly … some of us manage to turn into athletes, making unimaginable movements for human nature … .like in ballet, gymnastics, etc …. Activities that require unnatural movements!

For this and the millions of other learnings that develop in time, before giving up, I suggest you think about how much you’ve achieved so far!

At the same rate, slowly, a little at a time, invest in this new learning that can bring you skills that will make you smile all the time !!

Cherish every little step, congratulate yourself for each step and go to the next learning.

And when you realize it, you’ll be doing beautiful things in Blender.

Get to work!! Start here and now.

Blender is a free program used mainly for the creation of models in three dimensions (3D), but it has the ability to do more than that, for example, animations and games.

With Blender you can create stunning virtual worlds, houses, objects with realistic appearances, as well as sophisticated games and even fully animated films. Our focus here will be creating 3D models and some simple animations, not games.

First things first! First of all, you need to download and install the program on your computer. To do this, visit with your favorite browser. This text is being written on 16.11.2015 and to date, the appearance of the site is as follows:


Let’s Download it! Look at the image above. You Can you see a blue button with a picture of a cloud with an arrow pointing down with the writing “Blender 2.76b”? Click it!

Note: it may be a different version dependeing when you are downloading it.

On the next page you will see some colorful frames, which are frames that separate the platforms for each version available. Here, we work with the Windows version, and this installation guide is unique to this version. If you use Mac, Linux or another operating system, unfortunately you will not find instructions here.

The version we want to install is in the very first blue block (at least it is now on march 2016. It may be in a different location in the future). Download the Windows Version.


There are two versions to download: 32-bit and 64 bit. The ideal is to download the version that matches your operating system (Windows). If you do not know which version is your operating system, download the 32bit Blender by clicking the “32bit”. This download the file “blender-2.76b-windows32.msi”. Of course, if you download the 64-bit version, the file will be called “blender-2.76b-windows64.msi”.

What file is that? Basically, it is the Blender installation file. With this file you can install Blender on your machine to use it later. Remember to download it to a easy to find location, or somewhere you are used to donload things. You can simply download the file to your Desktop.

If you have reservations about the download installation files to your computer, such as a fear of viruses for example, you can simply scan the installation file with a antivirus.

Now let’s install Blender. Navigate to the folder in which you saved the installation file and double-click the file quickly, or click the right mouse button on the file name and, on the new menu that opens, click “Install”.


This starts the Blender installation process, which is described in detail from now on, although the process is basically pressing the “Next” button. This is the initial installation screen:


Press Next to continue. In the next window, select “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” to enable the next Next button, which you must press to continue with the installation.


If you want, read the License Agreement. I recommend doing so, so you can understand what can be done (or not) with Blender. Blender is a free, open source program, so the license is not restrictive at all. It does not have very small lines wich only a lawyer would read, neither it prohibits you from using your work the way you want.


This new screen gives you the option to install Blender and some extras, or to change the installation destination, which is not necessary. Feel free to make any changes you want. When finished (or if you do not want to change anything), press Next.

The next screen gives you the option to start the installation, and only that. There is nothing else to do, then simply press “Install”.


The next screen shows the installation progress. Now it’s time to have patience as the program is installed on your computer. The green bar is a visual demonstration of the progress, but it fills and empties several times during installation.


DO NOT push any buttons on this screen during the process. You can safely do other things on your computer during installation, but try not to do anything that requires a lot of your computer. At the end of the installation, the screen changes again and you can press “Finish”.

Done! Blender has been installed on your computer!

If you don’t see any icon on your desktop to open Blender, navigate the Windows Start menu to find it.

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